One of the oldest cities in Georgia,  Old Batumi's most historical part is stretched between the seaport and the Boulevard and features distinctive building facades and balconies. construction of the 7 km seaside boardwalk begun in 1881 by the famous Prussian gardener and landscape architect Ressler. Two years after the project began, Ressler passed away and Michael D’alfons, a French architect, completed the boulevard. Recently, a Spanish architect designed and constructed a new, modern addition for the boulevard. Bungalows, café-lounges, restaurants, children’s attractions, benches, sculptures and dancing fountains—making it one of the city’s most attractive tourist destinations.

Bakuriani Ski Resort is located, in the Borjomi Municipality, at the elevation of 1.700 meters above the sea level. Bakuriani is about 180 kilometers away from Tbilisi and 30 KM away from Borjomi. A lot of travelers go to Bakuriani during every season, but January and February are the best time during the winter season. The quantity and quality of snow give a good opportunity to skiers to enjoy their time in that period. There are 23 different ski traces which are divided by the levels of difficulty. Beginners, intermediate, advanced skiers can enjoy skiing.

Bakuriani is an amazing winter ski resort for having a fun time. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, with family members or with friends- ski resort without a doubt will be your next adventurous place.

Boasting one of the widest varieties of flora in the world, the Batumi Botanical Garden was established in 1912 by the prominent botanist and geographer Andrey Krasnov. The garden is 111 hectares and contains flora from nine phytogeographic areas: East Asia, North America, New Zealand, South America, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, the Mediterranean, and the Caucasian humid subtropics.
Batumi Botanical Garden
Located within the 6th of May Park, the Batumi Dolphinarium is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Batumi. The affordably priced and wildly entertaining dolphin show is done in Georgian, Russian, and English.
Piazza Batumi is one of the most beautiful squares in Georgia. There are several hotels, cafés, and restaurants located on Piazza Batumi.
Piazza Batumi